Laurie Israel

27 S. Union St., Plainfield MA, 413-634-8063

Laurie Israel received degrees in music in her early life. She has been a practicing lawyer for over 30 years. Always wanting to do art (but thinking that it would have to wait until retirement), she stumbled into a live drawing course on a vacation 16 years ago.  Since then she has been doing art intensively, along with continuing her law practice.

She works in a number of mediums – oil, watercolor, acrylic, digital (i-Pad), charcoal, pen and ink.  Her work ranges from figurative to abstract. Her current passion is painting pictures derived from a photo taken of a young deer looking into her house from the back door.

Laurie has exhibited a number of times since moving to the Hilltowns in 2011, and has very much enjoyed the community of artists who live and work in our area.

You can see more of Laurie’s work on her website,

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