Adrian Almquist

HOST 2023 – (Showing at Guy Matsuda’s studio) 12 Upper  Liberty St. Plainfield (347) 581-5970

I grew up in Eastern Massachusetts, and have been interested in the natural environment, agriculture, crafts, gardening and building since I was in my teens. Over the last 25 years, I have worked as a cook, baker, roofer, gardener, farmer, carpenter, electrician, trail builder, timber framer, and teacher. All of these experiences have led me to a place in my midlife, where I am trying to coalesce these experiences into a career producing art.

I spent a lot of my youth drawing and painting. I became interested in clay at an early age, and have worked on and off in clay since the early 2000’s. I am particularly interested in the process of wood firing. Through my exploration of clay, I came to be interested in both textiles and wood as mediums to create both functional and sculptural pieces. I learned to weave at San Francisco City College under Janice Sullivan. I began wood working at the Randall Museum in San Francisco, and chainsaw sculpting on my lunch hour while working as a
gardener for the Rec and Park department in San Francisco. My love for timber and craft was furthered upon my return to Massachusetts in 2021, where I was a resident apprentice at the Heart Wood School for Timber Framing.

I am inspired by the works of Annie Albers, Ruth Asawa, J.B. Blunk, Doyle Lane, Shoji Hamada, Isamu Noguchi, and the many lineages of weavers, potters, and builders who have passed on craft as a way of life for the creation of functional clothes, vessels and buildings. Although I have been hesitant to label myself as an artist, I hope to look back one day on the many things I have made and manifested into our world, and say “I am an artist.”

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