Molly Smith

HOST 2023 – showing at: Sena Farm Brewery – 151 Buffington Hill Rd, Worthington (917) 583-3461

My work centers on the practice of drawing and its temporal nature. I work using free, found, repurposed materials and create in low impact processes. For me, this way of working matches the fleeting nature of my impressions from my day to day experiences and encounters. I work across many media but have currently been drawing in a traditional sense with ink on paper, capturing the shapes and patterns that emerge in the moment of creation. I have made sculptures from found objects, handmade paper, ceramics and cast plaster, all in the spirit of drawing. My hope is that these objects hold the energy of the instance of their creation and might resonate a sense of presence, a sense of being aware of a fleeting moment in time. Their figuring out is their essence.

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