HOST24 Application Process

The form is due by May 20 — no exceptions will be made.

1 . Applying is free. Once you have been accepted, participating in HOST24 requires Hilltown Arts Alliance membership ($15) and the HOST24 fee ($70).

2. The Application is online ONLY. The form is long, as it gathers information about you, your work, and your studio if applicable, and for PR. If you want help, be in touch with Kathryn Jensen ( and she will hook you up with someone to fill out the form with you. This is to help the volunteers in their tasks of making brochures and other marketing

3. Our footprint has grown too large with too many studios (per marketing and response research) and we have thought and negotiated long and hard about what to do about that. This year, we’ll have fewer studios, but artists whose studios are not part of the tour will be invited to show and sell their work at the new Tour Hub in the Worthington Town Hall, a larger space.

  • Everyone will be applying to participate as an ARTIST
  • Those who wish to can also apply with their own STUDIO
  • All will be able to express their preferences as to how they’d prefer to participate

The Tour Selection Committee will make the decisions as to which Artists will be invited to participate in the tour with their own Studios, which Artists will be invited to participate with a guest at their Studio, as a guest at someone else’s Studio (always optional), or at the Tour Hub in Worthington. (Don’t worry, we will not force you to participate with someone you’d rather not shack up with. But we need to start somewhere.)

4. HOST24 requires a lot of work and the fee is low. Everyone is expected to help with brochure distribution, putting up signs, and other committee work, including the selection committee.

We are looking forward to working with you and together making the 2024 Hilltown Open Studio Tour & Festival a memorable weekend.

Kathryn Jensen, chair of HOST committee, HA


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