What We Do

The Hilltown Arts Alliance provides a nexus for the Hilltown community of artists and makers to share ideas, showcase works, and otherwise help to lift each other up and let the world know what gorgeous gems lay hidden in our region.

While the Hilltowns themselves are rural, we are quite fortunate to be home for a thriving population of creative people. Representing a dozen towns and many square miles, Hilltown Arts Alliance is proud of the creativity that resides here.

It is our goal to help Hilltown artists get their work in front of the public and help them succeed as working creatives and makers.

How We Do It

We want to help our local artists connect with the public, with the art world, and most importantly, with each other. We coordinate numerous events and opportunities for the arts in the Hilltown community. Thanks to our partnership with the Hilltown Community Development Corporation, we’re able to offer a space for artists to exhibit their work on a rotating basis, with associated artist’s talks and events a critical element of the programming there. We also support members in offering their own events, workshops, or demonstrations and can assist in follow up actions to help make those events happen. We’re also thrilled to welcome the public to the Hilltowns for our annual Hilltown Open Studio Tour each year in June!

We Support Artists. You and Artists Support Us

We are a volunteer-run 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization with a board of directors, but we rely on community support and funding to support our artists! Member support and community donations are a lifeline for us in our quest to nurture the artists in our community.

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What Else?

Through the years, we have organized many lectures, musical events, art shows, and more.

Members have also organized classes in figure drawing, watercolors, basket weaving and plein air painting. We’re always open to suggestions or pitches from members for more ways we can engage our community with our artists and their work.

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We May Be Champions of the Arts, but our Artists are the real Champions

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