Madge Evers

(Showing & demonstrating at the Cummington Community House: Tour Hub) 33 Main St, Cummington, MA (413) 320-9498

I’m interested in constant states of change that bring transformation. My work literally depicts plants, fungi, and birds, but more figuratively reflects our entangled dependence with the changing environment. With various media, including the cyanotype process, paint, and an adaptation of the mushroom spore print, I create biomorphic works on paper. Spore print monoprints and cyanotypes are produced with, and influenced by, sun, wind, and water. I’m interested in organic material as subject, as process, and as medium – a compostable one. In whatever form the work takes, my goal is to portray the strangeness and familiarity of the natural world through the cyclical mysteries of growth, decay, and regeneration.

My work explores transformation. I create abstract works on paper using mushroom spores. To create a spore image, I place a mushroom, gill side down, on paper. After several hours, the mushroom releases any number of its many tiny spores and a powdery residue appears. Spores fly or float, then alight and familiar patterns emerge. The alternative photographic process called cyanotype and paint also find their way into some of my imagery. Each spore print, a collaboration with a mushroom’s millions of spores, is unique and potentially fugitive; I often photograph the fragile results.

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