Eric Smith

My home and pottery sits on a quiet road in the little town of Cummington, MA nestled in the foothills of the Berkshires. I fill and fire my large wood burning kiln three times a year with a corresponding open studio and sale to mark the occasion. I am fortunate to be able to sell the majority of my work in this manner, allowing for that personal exchange between the maker and the user which is becoming increasingly scarce in today’s online marketplace. I strive to make pots that are fluid without being too loose, well controlled without being tight. Pots have to feel good and be well balanced in your hands, while also possessing surfaces that are interesting and fun, sometimes familiar, sometimes surprising. It is important to me that my pots feel like they come from a place, not just a potter. There is a narrative behind the work and my hope is to be able to continue to share that for many years to come.

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