Elizabeth Whyte Schulze

Worthington MA, 413-238-5544

Using organic fibers and traditional basket making techniques, I create three-dimensional paintings that are evocative of primitive art. I construct the basket first, then use paint, handmade paper and gel medium to draw and mark the surface. My medium is pine needles and raffia sewn and coiled into bowls, plates, vessels and sculptures.

My work is informed primarily by my travels. Visiting petroglyph sites in the American Southwest to Aboriginal Art Centers in Australia’s outback, each adventure is an opportunity to experience art and culture of diverse communities. I layer images by intersecting and overlapping figure, design and text on the woven surface. I do not retire past images but continue to incorporate the older elements in innovative ways. My approach to working on the basket is to present a complex landscape of imagery that is visually challenging and personally satisfying.

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