Barbara Konieczny

HOST 2023 –17 Nash Rd. Cummington, MA home (413) 634-2209 mobile (413) 387-3517

I am Barbara Konieczny (ka-nez-nee) a watercolor artist from Cummington, MA. I have been drawing or painting my whole memory of life.

I was introduced to a basic wc class for one semester at Oklahoma State University graduating with a minor in art in 1974.

After raising a family with parent care I finally arrived back to my love of watercolor.

I am passionate about the process of watercolor painting. The movement of wc paint on paper is exciting and unpredictable at times!  In the last five months of painting I have started adding black lines around color. They turn into abstract shapes which I find deeply satisfying in my soul.

I have had art openings locally and was very well received. In the last four years I have been teaching watercolor painting one on one in my little Greenstone Studio sharing what gives me life!

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