Meet the Hilltown Arts Alliance

The Hilltown Arts Alliance was founded in 2009 by a group of hilltown artists themselves, in an effort to encourage cross-pollination and interaction among creatives across the various hilltowns. Area artists and makers continue to run the nonprofit organization today.

We seek to connect, support, and encourage Hilltown artists -
connecting with other artists and getting feedback and exposure.

We organize year-round lectures, musical events, and art shows. Members organize classes in figure drawing, watercolors, basket weaving, and plein air painting. We have also recently set up an association with the Hilltown Community Development Corporation to aid in our mission of promoting the arts in the Hilltowns. We have an annual rotation of art exhibits at their headquarters in Chesterfield, with talks by the artists being an essential part of our programming.

Ready to Join HAA?

Hilltown Arts Alliance members count on the signal boost and support that comes from participation in this local creative network. Are you an artist, maker, or other creative living in the Hilltowns? Learn more about what membership in the Hilltown Arts Alliance can do for you and your work!

Not an Artist but love the arts?

Patrons of the arts are the people who allow art and making to become a viable livelihood! If you love to appreciate creative work but are not a maker yourself, you can still support the artists and efforts of the HAA! All donations go directly towards the costs of creative programming and events in your local community, and are tax deductible. Contributors donating any amount up to $250 will also be listed in a thank-you page on our website.

Sponsor HAA

Community sponsors are key in our mission to go the extra mile for Hilltown artists. Sponsoring HAA with a gift of $250 to $2500 dollars gives you the satisfaction of knowing you are enriching the lives of artists and enthusiasts in your home community, and in gratitude we will place your company name and logo in a special section of the homepage on our website. The name and logo are also included in other press and promotional materials for our events.

Hilltown Arts Alliance is a community network resource for artists. What Can We do for you?

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